New Designers 2012

This year I exhibited in New Designers in London, at my Glyndwr Uni stand. Photo’s below are from my camera.

Below is some of the pieces that were up on our stand by my fellow class mates, and our table that at the time didn’t have all the postcards displayed on it. This was early on as we were getting ready for the day to properly begin.

The our table with the postcards and packs now displayed.

My two different postcards amongst my classmates ones.

The wall were my piece was placed.

Close up of my framed worked on display.

On a different stand, Absolut Vodka had templates of the shape of their bottles so anyone could attempt to design the Absolut Blank bottle. So I decided to draw a blank canvas dripping colour. I wanted to show that even though something may appear blank, there could be more to it then meets the eye. (or something along those lines)

I had fun at the TigerPrint stand drawing, the theme of that day was BoysToys. I had spent awhile there drawing, and in the end they chucked me off so others could have a chance , and they said i should leave it for actual boys since the theme covers what boys want. Are they implying to me that since I’m a girl, I wouldn’t know what boys want? You is sexist. I’m still not sure if I should be slightly amused or annoyed that they chucked me off.

I took photo’s of the drawings I did on the massive roll of paper, before it got rolled up and moved along so there could be more space to draw. At first I draw a couple of lads with robot hover and jetpack boots.

While drawings these I had a couple of lads behind me saying that my work was ‘sick‘, I think thats slang for good or cool……right?

Photo that shows others drawing on the roll of paper and the small buckets of drawing supplies next to my drawings.

I then proceeded to draw a infant on a robot dog, a bubble blowing robotic suit and a dead werewolf. When it got to the dead werewolf I might have started loosing the point, not that I cared cos I love drawing werewolves.

Then next to them I draw a dude in his boxers playing a games console, cos thats what guys do right?

When it got to the drawing of the dysfunctional Angry Bird, the people of the Tigerprint stand were eager to get rid of me at that point.


Error on back of Business card design

For those who will see my business cards next week, I must apologise for the spelling mistake I’ve only noticed today, after my cards where printed off. (I’ve been staring at it for months now and only now noticed it, doh!)

Said error is in my surname, when i painted the design I forgot the T which should have been between the I and the H.

So this post is just to let u know that I am aware of the mistake, and feel very foolish for it.

I just hope those who decide to pick up the buissness cards I printed off won’t notice the mistake. All the contact info is spelt correctly, so thats something I suppose.

(hides in dark corner)

I won’t print more off in future untill I have painted a new one.


Logo design for the BFTC Boys

I was asked to design a logo for a running shirt for The Boys From The Club (BFTC), they wanted a running tortoise to represent how slow they apparently are.

I edited together parts of the top drawings that they liked to create the final design.

I then finished the drawing off by drawing it digitally.

The drawing was then put onto their shirts, as seen in these photos. They want me to do a coloured version next. 🙂

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Drawings I made into modles

A couple of years back I had created a nasty little boy character (I create characters all the time but thats beside the point), I later on went to create a 3D modle of him, including the dead bird in his hand.

He stands on a wooden block which his metal wire skeleton sticks out from, stops him from jumping off it. Once the wire was bent into the stance I wanted him to be in, I then modled white plasticince onto it. Once I was satisfied with his shape, I sprayed him with acrylic, and then painted in his details with my other acrylic paint. Because he’s made of somewhat squishy plasticince, I have to be carful not to touch him when moving him about.

Out of a series of Owl character designs of mine, I loved Oswald tawny owl the most. So i wanted to create a modle of him also, moving away from humans and trying out making an anmial.

He also stands on a wooden base, but he doesn’t have a metal skeleton. He has a hard foam body that fills out most of his size, and I build and molded plasticince on top. Then I painted him the same way I painted my child character.


Post Card Fairy Child design

I wanted to fave a slightly enchanted theme for the postcard design. I love fantasy, so what came to mind was slimply a child interacting with a fairy.

Simple painted colour concept below.

I wanted to keep the design for both characters fairly simple. Below are a few of the designs I created for the fairy. Lets call her Bob, why not.

I love designing characters and their clothes, I’ve been told I go slightly overboard when drawings chatacter clothes. 🙂

Above is an originally painted concept of the postcard design. I have drawn many more conpets for what could have gone onto the postcards that I have not shown on here.

Below is the finalized painted designs. I had drawn, painted and added the frame by computer.

Below are my designs for the little girl character.


Self in business card design

For my business card designs I desided to include a caricature of myself, but I wanted to design my caricature wearing older cloths of a mixed century fasion. Originally i was aiming for the steampunk fasion, but i slightly moved away from that.

For the buisness card I planned to only show the torso, so I was designing the top of the clothes and didn’t consider the bottom half.

Since I have long hair I did consider having just the top half of my caricature with the hair swurling around in a smoke like way, eventually i changed my mind.

First painting of my caricature above. Below the slightly changed painting with a different pose holding my tools of destruction.

Below, sketches of pose ideas.

A side design for possible use of other things I could include it in (did that make sence?). Framed caricature. I drew and painted the frame and the crossed armed caricature separately, and added them together on the computer.

Design ideas for the framed piece.


Mervin the Cat

The current project I am working on is of a cat character of mine called Mervin that lives on a Dairy Farm. I decided that Mervin should be slightly different so I gave him a bobtail, instead of the more common long cat tail.

He originally had a firend, and I wanted them to both be cats but look very different, not only in face shape but also in body shape. Mervin being the shorter plump one and his friend being tall and skinny.


Even though they are different shape, I wanted them to be the same colour, ginger and white fur and blue eyes.

Mervins friend got scrapt eventually, leaving me just to work on Mervin and the people around him. Mervin looked similer in a way to a famous ginger fat cat i don’t think i need to name, so Mervins colour changed into a brown tabby with green eyes. The shape of his eyes and head slightly changed over time .His eyes used to be higher up on his head and closer together in the earlier designs.

The main goal in the story is that he has to catch a rat, which sums up what most cats would do anyways if they are bored.


Since he lives on a Dairy Farm i have to include cows. I was not very good at drawing cows at first but I have been researching on their shapes and i think I’ve got better at drawing them now.

The project is not yet done. I have a few other drawings i have created for this, but I did them on paper thats way larger then my printer. ^-^’